How to Modify & Share Canva Templates

On Sunday I published a blog post about the winter bird survey we’re doing at my house. In that blog post I included a link to the observation journal template that I created by modifying a design I found in Canva. That blog post prompted one reader to ask me how I shared the template. As with many things, the easiest way to answer was with a screencast video. Here it is

In this short video I explain and demonstrate how I created a template in Canva and shared it so that others can copy it and modify it without changing my original copy. 

Applications for Education

One of the many things that I love about Canva is the huge gallery of design templates that they provide for a wide variety of purposes including creating infographics, presentations, videos, and even basic worksheet-type activities. All of the templates are much better than anything that I’d create from scratch. If you find yourself, like me, looking for a way to create better-looking materials for your lessons, Canva’s templates are a great place to start looking.


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