How to Create Videos of Augmented Reality Animals

During my Best of the Web webinar on Tuesday afternoon someone asked me how I made the videos of the augmented reality animals in my house and in my yard. The answer is that I simply used the augmented reality tools that are built into Google’s mobile search on Android (also available on iOS). 

To create the videos of augmented reality animals in my house I simply did a Google search for them on my Pixel 5 then chose the “view in your space” option to have the animals rendered in AR. Once the animals were rendered in AR I then just held down the record button that appears on the screen when viewing an AR object via Google mobile search. The video automatically saves to the phone and from there you can share it anywhere including YouTube and Instagram (that’s where I shared a video of a hippopotamus in front of my Christmas tree). 

The whole process of making a video with augmented reality videos might sound complicated, but it’s not. I demonstrated the whole process in this short video

Applications for Education
I think it could be fun to have students record short videos about animals in augmented reality. Then stitch together a series of the short videos to tell a story about the animals. For example, I can envision creating an entire story about the misadventures of a hippopotamus that gets loose in my neighborhood.  
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