All About Cats and Dogs – A SciShow Kids Compilation

SciShow Kids has produced a lot of fun and educational videos over the last six years. I’ve featured some of those videos in blog posts. Some of my favorite are the videos about animals including those about cats and dogs. In their latest release, SciShow Kids combined some of their previous videos to create one long video full of interesting facts about cats and dogs

Some of the many things viewers can learn by watching Cats and Dogs include:

  • How well cats can hear. 
  • The origins of cat domestication. 
  • The relationship of dogs and wolves. 
  • Why dogs wiggle their nostrils independently. 
  • What defines a big cat.
  • The role of microbes in a dog’s coat. 
  • Why animals have tails. 

Applications for Education

This video could be a great one to show to elementary school students as part of a lesson about animals and their adaptations. Before showing the video to my students I’d probably ask them to list any of the fun facts that they already know about pet dogs and pet cats. Then after they watch the video have them list some of the new fun pet facts they learned.


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