A Platypus in My House! Fun and Learning Through Augmented Reality

My four-year-old loves Gus the Platypus in the Pete the Cat series. A couple of weeks ago that led to her asking questions like “can we get a platypus?” and “what’s a platypus sound like?” My answers were “no” and “I don’t know.” I did, however, put an augmented reality platypus in our house. 

Through the use of Google’s augmented reality in search experiences I was able to make a digital rendering of platypus swim through our house. Here’s a little video of the experience. 

The augmented reality platypus was fun for a while, but my daughter still wanted to know what a platypus sounds like. For that, I just did search for “platypus sounds” on YouTube. This video had what I needed. 

Kids who are older than my preschooler can learn a lot about how the biology of a platypus through a fascinating TED-Ed lesson titled A Year in the Life of One of Earth’s Weirdest Animals


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