The Heimlich Manuever Saved My Life

Last Saturday my friend Kris Still saved my life by performing the Heimlich manuever when I was choking on an omelette in a lovely little diner called Laura Lee’s. I was actually about to comment on how good the food was when I started choking. Fortunately for me, Kris is a sheriff’s deputy and is trained to calmly and quickly react to emergencies. It was still a bit frightening for all involved. 

I’ve been thinking about my experience all week. If you don’t know how to do the Heimlich manuever or you want to teach it to your kids, here are some instructive videos to view. 

How to Give the Heimlich Manuever

How to Give the Heimlich Manuever – LifeBridge Health

Dr. Heimlich Explains His Manuever to Larry King

This one isn’t instructional, it’s an explanation of how the manuever was created.


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