Ten Updated Microsoft Teams Features for Teachers to Note

Mike Tholfsen is my go-to person for all things related to Microsoft Education products. He regularly updates his YouTube channel with informative videos about the latest features added to Microsoft Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Immersive Reader, and more. And as a product manager at Microsoft he has early access to features that are rolling-out to users. That means his videos sometimes include overviews of features before anyone else has used them. 

Mike’s latest video highlights ten updated Microsoft Teams features for teachers. Most of the updates apply to the awesome reading progress feature that is now in Microsoft Teams. The complete list of features highlighted in Mike’s video is posted below. 

  • Returning marked up passages to student in Reading Progress
  • Updated OneDrive and Teams file picker in Reading Progress
  • Timed passages in Reading Progress
  • Edit draft assignment in Reading Progress
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Reading Progress
  • Feelings Monster and Reflect
  • Reflect data in Class Insights
  • Reflect data for School Insights
  • Content from Camera in Teams meetings
  • CART Captions in Teams


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