Google Docs Gets an Improved Citation Option

For a few years I recommended EasyBib’s Google Docs add-on for creating citations and bibliographies in Google Documents. I got away from it when it started to get glitchy. What I always liked about it was that it had an integrated resource search that made it easy to quickly look up books and websites then populate your citations with just one click. Google has now released a similar feature as an integrated part of Google Docs. 

You can now search for books and online resources within the Google Docs citation tool built into Google Docs. You’ll find this option when you open the Citations option from the Tools drop-down menu in any Google Document that you’re editing. Open the Citations menu in your Google Document, enter your search, then click on a matching resource and Google Docs will format a citation that you can add to your document with just one click. 

Applications for Education
This is a nice improvement over the previous citation tool that was built into Google Docs. My only concern is that when there are multiple possible matches for a resource students will just click on the first option instead of actually reviewing the matches before inserting them into their documents.

Like almost all Google Docs updates, this one could take a couple of weeks to appear in your account or it could be there right now.


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