A Good Collection of Resources for Teaching the Five Themes of Geography

C-SPAN Classroom is known for offering great resources for teaching civics and government lessons. What you might not know is that C-SPAN Classroom also offers a good collection of resources for teaching geography lessons. 

C-SPAN Classroom hosts a collection of bell ringers and lesson plans aligned to the five themes of geography. Bell ringers are short video clips designed to spark classroom discussion and inquiry. They’re typically accompanied by a handful of discussion questions. C-SPAN Classroom lesson plans also incorporate video clips but go into more depth on any given topic. 

For AP Human Geography C-SPAN hosts an entire course of study that you can guide your students through. The course includes seven units. Those units are listed below.

  • Thinking Geographically
  • Population and Migration Patterns and Processes
  • Cultural Patterns and Processes
  • Political Patterns and Processes
  • Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes
  • Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes
  • Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes

For more resources for teaching geography, take a look at my big list of resources for Geography Awareness Week


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