Write Outside – Ideas for Writing

Thanks to one of Kevin Hodgson’s blog posts, earlier this week I learned about the National Writing Project’s Write Out 2021 campaign. This is a two week initiative beginning on Sunday, October 10th. The idea is to inspire writers through outdoor settings, particularly National Parks settings, but I think I any outdoor setting will suffice. 

Write Out 2021 is a combined effort of the National Writing Project and the National Parks Service. The theme of the project, beyond inspiration from the outdoors, is “palettes, storyboards, and cadences.” I encourage you to read Kevin’s blog post about Write Out to get some ideas about how the theme can be used by student writers. 

If you want your students to participate in Write Out 2021 head to the website and sign-up to receive writing prompts, activities, and events to support work in the classroom.  


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