Resources for Connecting Classrooms

Yesterday, during Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions Rushton and I answered a question about how teachers can find other classroom to connect with for collaborative learning. We came up with three suggestions. Those suggestions are explained below. 

Flipgrid’s GridPals is available to any teacher who has a Flipgrid account. Through Gridpals you can find other teachers around the world who are looking to connect their students with yours for video conversations. Here’s my short guide to using Flipgrid.

Edublogs has a list of public classroom blogs. Unfortunately, the list hasn’t been updated since the end of 2019, but you still might use this list to find examples of how other teachers are using blogging in their classrooms. You can also use this list to find other teachers who are looking for classrooms to connect to their own for written dialogue.


iEARN was Rushton’s suggestion for connecting classrooms. I haven’t used it, but Rushton has more experience than I do with classroom exchange type of activities so I’d definitely check it out if I was trying to connect my classroom with another. iEARN’s getting started guide is available here.


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