How to Schedule Re-use of Google Forms

Earlier this week a reader sent me a question about re-using the same Google Form multiple times per week or month. The idea being that students would answer the same questions multiple times throughout the week or month and the teacher would be able to see all of the responses in the same Google Sheet. 

There are a couple of ways to schedule the re-use of the same Google Form for student responses. The first is to manually create and schedule assignments in Google Classroom. Each assignment would include the same Google Form. While that works, it could get tedious to manually schedule the assignments over and over again. Another solution is to create a recurring event in Google Calendar and attach the Form to the event. That allows you to schedule it once and have it repeat as many times as you like on your schedule. The downside to that method is that students have to go to the Google Classroom Calendar to see the event and the attached Form. 

In this short video I demonstrate both methods of scheduling a Google Form for re-use on your schedule. 

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