40 OneNote and Outlook Tips for Teachers and Students

Mike Tholfsen is a product manager for Microsoft Education and the producer of some excellent Microsoft product tutorial videos for teachers. I recently mentioned one of his videos in my weekly newsletter. For those who missed it, the video I mentioned was 20 Outlook Web Tips and Tricks 2021

In 20 Outlook Web Tips and Tricks 2021 Mike details some helpful tips including how to snooze messages, how to delay sending, how to set rules in Outlook, and a bunch of tips regarding the appearance of Outlook. My favorite tip in the video is OneNote integration with Outlook. 

Speaking of OneNote, Mike also has a great video full of OneNote tips and tricks for teachers. As someone who admittedly doesn’t get the most out of my use of OneNote (I use it primarily for bookmarking) Top 20 Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks 2021 was an eye-opener. In particular the tips about keyboard shortcuts and custom tags will be things that I try to implement moving forward in my OneNote use. In the video Mike also spends a good deal of time demonstrating the use of Immersive Reader in OneNote as well as Outlook integrations with OneNote.


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