Letters, Numbers, Seasons – Free Classroom Posters

PBS Learning Media‘s newsletter should be on the subscription list of every elementary school teacher in the U.S. I subscribe to it simply because of all of the great resources it provides that I can use with my own children. An example of that is found in the latest issue of the PBS Learning Media newsletter. In it I found a nice collection of free posters that can be downloaded as PDFs. 

PBS Learning Media’s Classroom Posters collection contains more than a dozen colorful PDFs featuring the letters of the alphabet with representative icons, numbers, shapes, and short words. In the posters collection you’ll also find seasons of the year, months of the year, and weather. Finally, the collection also includes posters about emotions and classroom routines. 

Applications for Education
As you’re setting up your classroom for the new school year, you might find yourself needing some new materials for your walls. The PBS Learning Media posters collection is a good place to find some wall materials. I’d also keep the collection bookmarked to share with parents who ask you for resources that they can use at home. For example, as a Dad I plan to print the weather and seasons posters to put on our refrigerator next to our daily listening chart.


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