How to Create a Privacy Zone in Strava

A couple of weeks ago I created a Strava group for teachers. Since then a few dozen people have joined an even more people have emailed me to ask questions about Strava

What is Strava?
Strava is one part fitness tracking app and one part social network. The idea is that you can use Strava to keep track of how much you exercise (I’ve use it to track biking, hiking, and skiing but it can be used for many other activities) and also use it to encourage your friends on the app by giving them “kudos” for completing their fitness activities. The app supports synchronizing data from fitness watches like the Garmin Instinct, Polar Grit X, Apple Watches ($49 discount right now on Amazon), and many other smart watches.

What’s a Strava Privacy Zone?

Many people start their runs, walks, and bike rides at their homes or at their work places. To protect those locations Strava offers a feature called privacy zones. Privacy zones let you specify how close to home or work Strava will or won’t record your ride, run, or walk. In this short video I demonstrate creating a privacy zone in Strava. In the example in the video I set a privacy zone of 3/8 mile around a specific address.


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