GeoQuiz – How Many Countries Can You Identify?

GeoQuiz is a new geography game website that was featured on Product Hunt a couple of days ago. GeoQuiz is a simple game that just asks you to try to name as many countries as you can in fifteen minutes. As soon as you enter a country’s name the globe on the screen spins to center on that country. If you misspell a country the globe doesn’t spin and your entry doesn’t count. 

You can play GeoQuiz on your own or you can compete against other players in online rooms. Either way, you don’t need to register or enter any personal information in order to play GeoQuiz. To play against others you can join an existing room or create your own and invite people to join it. To have others join your room all you have to do is pick a name for your room and tell people to join it in the “online mode” on the GeoQuiz homepage. 

Applications for Education
Does the Internet need another geography quiz game like GeoQuiz? Probably not. Is it nice to have another option that doesn’t require registration in order to play? Yes, it is. Games like these provide a fun way for students to test their won knowledge of world geography. It’s the kind of thing that I like to add to section of my website or LMS called “educational things to do with extra time.”


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