Snoopy in Space – Lesson Plans About Space and More

From a very young age I’ve enjoyed Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and all of the characters in Peanuts. Watching Charlie Brown specials and reading the Peanuts comic strip is something my uncles did, my sister and I do, and now my daughters do. That’s why I was excited to discover that the Peanuts website now offers some comprehensive lesson plans about space

Peanuts lesson plans are designed for elementary school students between the ages of four and eleven. In addition to the lesson plans about space there are sets of lesson plans titled Dream Big, Never Give Up, and Take Care With Peanuts. All of the lesson plans are available to download as PDFs. Within those PDFs you’ll find links to additional resources including videos and printable activity sheets for students to complete. 

The Snoopy in Space lesson plans include plans for hands-on activities that are intended to help students learn about the solar system. There is also a lesson about the space station and a lesson about space exploration including missions to Mars and the moon. 

The Take Care With Peanuts lesson plans have three components to them. Those components are taking care of yourself, taking care of others, and taking care of Earth. 

The Dream Big and Never Give Up lesson plans are, as you might guess, designed to help students build confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

Applications for Education
All of these lesson plans were originally written as activities for parents and their children to do together. The lessons can easily be modified to be teacher-facilitated in-person or online lessons.


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