How to Give Self-grading Quizzes to Students Who Don’t Have Email Addresses

Yesterday afternoon a reader sent me an email to request help creating and distributing self-grading Google Forms quizzes to her students who don’t have email addresses. Specifically, she wanted to know if a Google Forms quiz could be put into Schoology and if her students could take the quiz without having to enter an email address. 

It is possible to create self-grading quizzes with Google Forms and have your students complete the quiz even if they don’t have email addresses. The key to doing that is to make sure that in the settings for the quiz (click the gear icon on the Google Form) you have unchecked “collect email addresses” and unchecked “restrict to users in domain.” With those options unchecked you can then share your Google Form in Schoology, Canvas, or any other learning management system.  

Microsoft Forms can be used in a very similar manner to Google Forms to create self-grading quizzes. Just like with Google Forms, you’ll need to make sure that your Microsoft Form isn’t restricted to users within your organization. 

In the following video I demonstrate how to create self-grading quizzes in Google Forms and Microsoft Forms and distribute them to students who don’t have email addresses. 


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