Google Made Some Meet Settings Sticky

Google has steadily added features to Google Meet throughout the fall (spring for my friends in the southern hemisphere). The latest feature is one that should prove to be a time-saver for some teachers. 

The latest update to Google Meet makes some settings “sticky” after you implement them. Now when you disable screen sharing and or chat messages for students in a meeting, that change will apply to future meetings that you host in Google Meet. I like this change because it’s just one less thing that I have to think about at the start of a meeting. Of course, if you want to undo the sticky setting you can do that by just re-enabling screen sharing or chat in your next meeting. 

This isn’t a huge update, but it should prove to be convenient for many teachers. This update is rolling-out now and should be available to all teachers using G Suite for Education in January. 

If you have colleagues who need an overview of key Google Meet features, please share this video overview of Ten Google Meet Features for Teachers with them. 


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