Formative Adds New Features for Creating Great Online Assessments

Formative is an online assessment platform that I’ve used and recommended for years. There are two features that keep me coming back to it. First, you can create questions that students respond to with free-hand drawings that they make on their computers or tablets. Second, you can upload documents and images to then add questions that appear directly on the documents and images. 

This week Formative announced a few new features that I like and I think you’ll also like. First, there is now an integrated image search. Instead of having to find an image then upload it to your assessment, you can now just search within Formative and insert an image from the search results. Second, you can now link existing classes to your Google Classroom. Third, Formative will now automatically format hyperlinks that you include in your assessments.

For my friends who teach social studies, Formative has a new collection of history assessments that you can quickly copy into your account. The new assessments come from Stanford History Education Group and Open Stax. 

If you’ve never tried Formative, take a look at this video to see one of my favorite Formative features in action.


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