Flipgrid Text Comments – In Case You Missed It Like I Did

About a month ago Flipgrid added a new option for writing comments in response to videos within a discussion topic. This is in addition to the written feedback option that teachers have had for quite a while in Flipgrid

Now students and teachers can write comments in response to students’ video submissions within a Flipgrid discussion topic. These comments are automatically reviewed by Flipgrid for potentially insensitive comments. That’s a feature in addition to the manual topic moderation that you can enable on all of your Flipgrid topics. 

Flipgrid’s little video overview of using text comments is embedded below. 

Applications for Education

I’m using Flipgrid for daily exit tickets in my freshmen computer science class this fall. Some of my students are prolific in their video production while others only do the bare minumum. I’m hoping that using text comments will enable more kids to participate in the back-and-forth of a conversation started by the exit ticket submissions.

If you’re not sure what Flipgrid is or how to use it, here’s my overview of the service and how to use it.


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