Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms – Quiz Questions Read Aloud

Over the weekend I read Microsoft’s announcement that Immersive Reader will soon be available in PowerPoint (“soon” was left undefined in Microsoft’s announcement, that usually means a couple of months). What I also learned from the announcement is that Immersive Reader is now available in Microsoft Forms. Apparently, it has been there for a little while and I’ve overlooked it. 

Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms is easy to overlook as it’s in a little menu that is easy to overlook. In the header of the Microsoft Form that you’re viewing there is small “three dot” menu in the lower-right corner. Click on that menu to enable Immersive Reader. 

Applications for Education
Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms will read aloud questions and answer choices for students. After reading the questions and answer choices aloud Immersive Reader will prompt students to close Immersive Reader to input an answer. Students have to open and close Immersive Reader for each question on the form. Other than that minor annoyance, Immersive Reader makes Forms accessible to more students. 


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