How to Create and Host Your First Kahoot Game

In this week’s Practical Ed Tech newsletter I share some ideas for adding some fun educational activities into online and hybrid classrooms. In the newsletter I mentioned that I’m using Kahoot at the end of my of my class meetings as a fun way to recap that day’s lesson. This morning I actually used Kahoot in the middle of a lesson as a way to transition between two topic. 

A few minutes after I sent out this week’s Practical Ed Tech newsletter someone replied to ask if I had an updated tutorial video that I could share. I didn’t have one so I made a new one. My previous ones are slightly out of date due to changes that Kahoot has made in the last year. Here’s my new tutorial on how to create and host your first Kahoot game. 

And if you’re a Google Classroom user, here’s how to share your Kahoot game in Google Classroom


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