Add Science & Math Simulations to Google Sites

In the latest episode of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions & Share Cool Stuff I shared an update about a favorite math and science resource. That resource is PhET. PhET offers more than 150 online, interactive science and math simulations. For a while now PhET has been in the process of switching their simulations from Java to HTML5. What that means for us is that the simulations will work on any platform including iOS. And it means that the simulations are easier to include in your own website.

In the following video I demonstrate how to include PhET’s science and math simulations in your Google Site. Those of you who watch the video will also notice that the simulations can also be shared via a direct Google Classroom integration.

Applications for Education

As many of us are starting the new school year in online and or blended environments, resources like PhET that provide online simulations of activities we would have traditionally done in our classrooms are more important than ever. If your teaching math or science this fall, take a look at PhET to find online alternatives to some of the activities you’ve traditionally done in your classroom.


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