A Good Collection of PowerPoint Presentations for AP US History and World History

Tom Richey produces great instructional videos for students taking AP US History, World History, and Government courses. More than 100,000 YouTube subscribers will attest to that. He also publishes many of the PowerPoint presentations that appear in his videos. From his PowerPoint page you can download presentations on US History, European History, or World History.

Google Chrome users who have the Google Slides app installed can quickly open all of Tom’s PowerPoints directly in their browsers then save the slides in their Google Drive accounts. People who don’t use Chrome or Google Drive can simply download the original PowerPoint files from Tom’s website.

Applications for Education
Slides without a voice aren’t nearly as helpful as slides with a voice. That said, reviewing these PowerPoint files might help students recall a point that you’ve made in a lesson. Likewise, viewing the slides might help students recall something from a related reading assignment.


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