Ruff Ruffman Presents Lessons on Search and Advertising for K-2 Students

Ruff Ruffman is the “star” of a PBS Kids series. Yesterday, one of my high school students asked me if my kids watch the show. My daughters are still a little too young for it. But the question did remind me of a couple of little PBS Kids lessons about web search and online advertising that feature Ruff Ruffman “Humble Media Genius.”

Ruff Ruffman’s Find What You Want features a short video about the basic concepts of web search and a short video about the basics of online advertising. After each of the three minute videos kids can take a self-paced quiz. If you would rather not show the videos, PBS Kids does provide storyboard of both Find What You Want videos that you can show to your students.

Applications for Education
Ruff Ruffman’s Find What You Want videos and quizzes aren’t going to be a replacement for comprehensive lessons on how to conduct internet searches. That said, the videos and quizzes could make for engaging introduction to the concepts for K-2 students.


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