Mind Maps, Rubrics, and Cats – The Month in Review

Good evening from Maine where the sun is setting on a busy month of September. Between webinars, working on a book, and taking over a computer science program the posting here was a little less frequent than usual. I still managed to publish more than 60 new posts. It will get back up to my usual 85-95 posts in October.

These were the most popular posts in September:
1. Ten Free Tools for Creating Mind Maps and Flowcharts – Updated for 2019-20
2. My Top Twelve Tools for Social Studies Teachers and Students
3. How to Avoid the Google Calendar Scheduling Mistake I Keep Making
4. Ten Google Product Updates for Teachers to Note
5. Ten Sites & Apps to Help Students Learn New Vocabulary Words – Updated for 2019-20
6. My Top 5 Google Tools for Social Studies Teachers and Students
7. How to Use Rubrics in Google Classroom
8. 15 Digital Citizenship Resources for K-12
9. Fraidy Cats’ Book of Courage – An eBook of Writing Prompts
10. 5 Features of Google’s Advanced Search Menu

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