Unsplash for Education – Free Photos for Your Lessons

Unsplash is one of my go-to recommendations for finding public domain pictures for classroom projects. Thanks to Rushton Hurley’s latest Next Vista for Education newsletter I just learned that Unsplash now has an Unsplash for Education section.

Unsplash for Education is comprised of ten curated collections of images for teachers and students to use in their projects. Those ten collections are math & science, art, space, politics & current events, geography, health, history, tech, nature, and a catch-all education collection.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated search tool for the Unsplash for Education collections so you just have to browse through them to find pictures that you like. When you do find a picture that you like you can download it for free without having to register on the Unsplash site. And while Unsplash does encourage giving attribution for images, it clearly states that you don’t have to give attribution for the images.

On a related note, Unsplash offers a free Google Slides add-on that makes it easy to find and use public domain images in your slides without ever leaving your Google Slides editor. Watch the video embedded below to learn how to use the Unsplash Google Slides add-on.

Image credit: Javier Quesada


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