MacBook Setup Essentials for Students

Randy Krum, the author of Cool Infographics, has published a new infographic that is a great resource for any student who has a new MacBook for the new school year. Randy designed it with college students in mind, but the information can be used by anyone who is setting up a new MacBook.

MacBook Setup Essentials for College Students covers eleven things that you should do when setting up a new MacBook. The eleven components covered in the infographic are:

  • Creating admin and user accounts
  • Turning off auto login
  • Find my Mac
  • Using the Firewall
  • Enabling password requirements
  • App settings
  • iCloud settings
  • Password management
  • Productivity suites
  • Backup routines
  • Cloud storage options
You can download and print a copy of the infographic at Cool Infographics or InfoNewt
On a related note, if you are thinking about purchasing a MacBook, there are quite a few on sale on Amazon right now

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