Certify’em Now Has a BCC Option for Distributing Certificates

Certify’em is one of my favorite Google Forms add-ons. It lets you automatically distribute personalized certificates to students when they pass a quiz in Google Forms. I use it at the end of all of my PD webinars as a way to distribute certificates to attendees. You can use Certify’em to distribute one of the standard certificates or you can design your own certificate in Google Slides and have that be the template used when certificates are distributed to your students. A complete Certify’em tutorial is available here.

Over the weekend Certify’em added a convenient BCC feature. This feature allows you have a certificate automatically sent to your student when he/she passes a quiz and have a copy of that certificate sent to a parent, another teacher, a classroom aide, or to anyone else that might want to see the certificate that a student has just received. You can find the BCC option in the advanced options section of Certify’em.


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