Google Forms Now Has a Native Function to Import Questions from Other Forms

Yesterday I recapped the important Google products updates from June for teachers to note. July is starting out with another noteworthy update. That update is the ability to import questions from one Google Form into another without the use of any add-ons like Form Recycler.

Google Forms now has a native feature for importing questions into new Forms from your existing forms. The feature will let you select individual questions or all questions from an old Form to add into your new Form. It’s an easy process to do. I’ve outlined the three step process in my screenshots below.

Step 1: Click the import icon. 

Click image to enlarge.

Step 2: Select the Form from which you want to get existing questions.

Click image to enlarge.

Step 3: Select the question(s) you want to import.

Click image to enlarge.

Applications for Education
This new feature is a great way to questions from quizzes that you’ve previously made without having to copy and paste. This could be a huge time-saver when it comes to time create review activities for students. I have often made review activities purely from questions that appeared on quizzes earlier in the semester. With this new feature I can do that quickly without having to copy and paste.


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