Now You Can Share Kahoot Games in Microsoft Teams

Last week Kahoot released some game creation updates in advance of the ISTE conference. This week Kahoot made an announcement during the conference. That announcement was that you can now share Kahoot games in Microsoft Teams. With this update you will be able to share games for live play in your classroom and share games for play at home or anywhere outside of your classroom.

Sharing for Live Play
To post one of your Kahoot games in Microsoft Teams for live play in your classroom, simply open the game editor then select open the sharing menu. In the sharing menu you will see an option to post your game in Microsoft Teams. Look at my screenshots below to see where to find the sharing menus.

Sharing for At-home Play
Sharing a Kahoot game to Microsoft Teams for at-home play (what Kahoot calls “challenge” play) the process is similar, but slightly different. In this case you will click the Challenge button in your Kahoot game editor. Then select “create” and on the next screen choose the option to share to Microsoft Teams. See my screenshot below for more explanation.

You can learn more about using Kahoot within Microsoft Teams in this post on the Kahoot blog.


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