Now You Can Re-use Questions in Your Activities

Formative is a one of the tools that I regularly feature in my workshop on Fast & Fun Formative Assessments. I like it and use it because of two outstanding features. The first is the ability to collect handwritten responses from students through a feature called Show Your Work. The second feature that I always highlight is the option to add questions directly on top of pictures and documents (watch this video to see that feature in action).

Recently, Formative added a handful of new features. The one that I’m most excited about is the option to re-use questions from previous assessments that you have made in your Formative account. That new feature is called Personal Item Bank. A few other new features include notifications when students change their answers, expanded standards descriptors, and a new way for students to sort the assessments that have been assigned to them. All of these new features are shown in the short video that is embedded below.


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