Give Video Feedback in the Otus LMS

Otus is a learning management system that I’ve watched evolve from a relatively simple iPad app into a full-fledged LMS that can be used on any device. When I first wrote about Otus in 2014 I wrote, “the possibilities for teachers using Otus seem limitless.” This morning, thanks to an Otus Facebook post, I learned about another way to use Otus.

You can add video feedback to your students through the Otus learning management system. It’s easy to do from any computer that has a webcam. In the following video I demonstrate how to add video feedback to your students’ portfolios in the Otus LMS.

Applications for Education
Video feedback can feel a lot more personal to a student than just reading some comments that you have written in a document. While it might not be as efficient as using canned comments, giving video feedback on big projects can make students feel better about the feedback they’re getting. Video feedback in Otus could also be used to just give students some encouragement.


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