Easy Notecards and Flashcards

Easy Notecards is a free study aid that Vicki Davis introduced to me eight years ago. This post is an update on what I wrote eight years ago.

As you probably guessed from name, Easy Notecards is a free tool for creating text-based and image-based flashcards. What makes Easy Notecards a little different from other notecard and flashcard services is that you can search for public notecard sets according to textbook topics and titles. This is possible because when an Easy Notecards user creates a set of cards he or she can tag the cards with a book title and chapter within that book. For example, if I am making a set of cards based on chapter four of the U.S. History textbook The Americans I would tag that set with “The Americans, Chapter 4.”

The cards that you create and or find on Easy Notecards can be used in five ways. They can be used as traditional flashcards that you simply flip back and forth. They can be used in a matching game. The cards can be used in a quiz game. Your cards can be used in an online bingo game. And the cards can be printed.

Easy Notecards offers an online classroom feature. The classroom is used to share cards with a class. The class is assigned a code and only those who have the code can access the cards. Those who have the code can contribute cards to the class.

Applications for Education
When I first tried Easy Notecards eight years ago it was in beta and the options were limited. Today, Easy Notecards has more than two million notecards available through the site. As students prepare for exams, it could be worth their time to explore Easy Notecards for review materials.


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