Short Overviews of Immersive Reader in Word and OneNote

Immersive Reader is one of the central components of Microsoft’s accessibility tools for inclusive classrooms. Immersive Reader will read documents aloud. It can be customized to highlight each word or each syllable as a document is read aloud. Users of Immersive Reader can also select the voice in which a document is read aloud and the speed with which the document is read aloud.

Immersive Reader is a part of Microsoft’s Learning Tools which can be found in Word and OneNote. Watch the following video to see how Immersive Reader works in Word.

Watch this video for an overview of Immersive Reader in OneNote.

Immersive Reader on Macs and iPads.

Immersive Reader is not limited to those who use Windows. You can use Immersive Reader in Word for Mac. In fact, that’s what I was using when I made the first video in this post. Immersive Reader is also available in Word for iPad and OneNote for iPad


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