Two Good Places to Find Classrooms to Connect With

Last week I ran a guest post written by Sarah Fromhold containing great tips for hosting Mystery Skype or Mystery Hangout activities. Since then I’ve fielded a few emails from readers who were looking for other ways that they can connect their classrooms with other classrooms. There are two things that I’ve recommended to those folks. First, is to try using Flipgrid’s new GridPals service. Second, is to try the Edublogs list of classroom blogs.

Flipgrid’s GridPals is available to any teacher who has a Flipgrid account. Through Gridpals you can find other teachers around the world who are looking to connect their students with yours for video conversations. If you’re not quite sure what Flipgrid is or how it works, take a look at this video tutorial that I made last year.

Every year Edublogs updates a list of public classroom blogs. You can use this list to find examples of how other teachers are using blogging in their classrooms. You can also use this list to find other teachers who are looking for classrooms to connect to their own for written dialogue.


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