Your Life in Comics – 100 Writing Prompts from Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix is a nice service on which students can create their own comics. But there is more to Make Beliefs Comix than just comic creation tools. Make Beliefs Comix offers free ebooks containing many writing prompts for students. Your Life in Comics is the latest ebook released by Make Beliefs Comix. The ebook contains one hundred writing prompts in the form of one-frame comic scenes. Your Life in Comics is a fillable PDF so that students can download it and then write in it.

My one criticism of Your Life in Comics is the subtitle which is “100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw.” I realize that the author is probably trying to inspire boys to write, but there isn’t any reason that girls can also use the prompts contained within Your Life in Comics.

An Overview of the Make Beliefs Comix platform
Make Beliefs Comix provides students with comic characters and scenes that they can drag and drop into comic frames. Students can publish their work online or download it as PDFs. Watch my video to for a detailed overview of how to use Make Beliefs Comix.


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