Wakelet Has a New Sections Option

Wakelet is a free bookmarking and note-sharing service that I first tried back in April when I started to look for new alternatives to Padlet. On Wakelet you can create collections of notes that can include text, videos, links, and pictures. The options for adding pictures are linking to an online image, uploading an image, or using Wakelet’s Unsplash integration.

This week Wakelet added a new feature that you can use within your collections of notes, links, videos, and pictures. That new feature is the option to create sections within a collection. Creating sections will let you bring more organization to your Wakelet account without having to create completely new collections. Watch this video to learn how to start using sections within Wakelet collections.

Applications for Education
One of the ways that I envision teachers using Wakelet is to create a collection of sites and videos about U.S. History. Then within that collection make sections that correspond to eras in U.S. History. That way students could go to a collection then quickly jump to a section of resources that corresponds to the era in U.S. History that they’re studying.


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