Scrible Helps Students Organize and Use Research

Scrible is a service that helps students organize their online and offline research findings. That is done through the Scrible’s website and Chrome extension. Scrible’s Google Docs add-on helps students use their research in their papers.

Scrible’s Chrome extension includes tools for highlighting and creating notes any webpage that students view. Those highlights and notes are saved in students’ Scrible accounts. Scrible also automatically saves the information about a page that students need to include in the bibliographies of their papers.

Scrible’s Google Docs Add-on provides students with access to all the resources that they have saved in their Scrible accounts. From the Add-on students can insert quotes from bookmarked resources. When students insert a quote an inline citation is also added into their documents. Scrible can also format a bibliography for students based upon the citations that they insert into their documents.

Watch the following video for an overview of all of Scrible’s features.


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