A Fantastic Virtual Tour of the Houses of Parliament

CNN recently published a fantastic virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament or the Palace of Westminster, to be more precise. The narrated, self-guided tour lets viewers explore ten aspects of the Houses of Parliament including the House of Commons, the Robing Room, and the Members’ Lobby.

Within each of the ten parts of the tour viewers can click on the interactive labels or simply sit back and listen to the narrator describe what is shown, its history, and its significance. Viewers can click and drag to explore the entirety of the 360 degree views of each stop in the tour.

Applications for Education
CNN’s virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament could be a great introductory resource for lessons on British government and comparative government. While the tour’s narration does provide a lot of good and interesting information it also could lead to middle school and high school students asking a lot of questions.

H/T to Maps Mania.


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