Seterra – Hundreds of Interactive Geography Games in More Than 30 Languages

Seterra is a service that offers interactive geography games in more than thirty languages. I used the service for years with some of my own students. In the last couple of years Seterra has evolved from a desktop application to a web and mobile app service. You can play Seterra games in the web browser on your computer or as an Android app or an iOS app.

The best way to explore Seterra’s offerings is to head to the online games page. On that page you can browse for games according to continent and country. On Seterra’s online games page you will find games that students can play to learn and quiz themselves about capitals, bodies of water, waterways, flags, country names, states, provinces, regions, and notable cities. And if you need an offline activity, Seterra lists some printables below all of the games on their individual pages.

Seterra has a couple of great features that enhance their online and mobile games. There is an option that will read aloud the names of the countries, cities, states, and provinces that students are asked to identify in the game. That option is listed just below each online game. Students can turn on or turn off the read-aloud option at any time. Seterra’s games also have a “review” mode that lets students practice only the items that they missed in their first attempts at a game.

Applications for Education
The reason that I like Seterra is that in addition to the wide array of games, more than 200 available for free, there is a variety within each game. Each game can be played as an identification game, as a labeling game, or as a matching game. In the simple identification mode, called “Pin” mode, students simply click on the locations of the places they’re asked to identify. The labeling version of a game is found by selecting “type” mode. In that mode students have to type on the map to identify places. And in the matching mode called “place the labels” students have to match place names to the places indicated by pins on the map.

When you open Seterra in your web browser the games should default to match the language preference you have set in your browser. However, if you want to change the language in which you play the game, you can do that at the home page of

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