Create a Screencast Within Padlet

Back in June I published a video that demonstrated ten types of notes that you can add to Padlet walls. Thanks to Dan Methven I recently learned that there is another new way to add notes to Padlet walls. The new type of note is a screencast video.

If you install Padlet’s Chrome extension you can launch a screen recording tool directly from a Padlet note. You can record your screen and voice for up to five minutes. Your recording will be automatically added to your note when stop your recording.

Applications for Education
Padlet’s screencasting feature could be used to have students create short instructional videos to post on one Padlet wall. One use of this would be to assign each of your students a topic within a unit. Each student would then use Padlet’s screencasting feature to make a short instructional video to share with the class.

Just a reminder that Padlet altered their business model last spring. You can have three Padlet walls for free with all functions for free. Users who had more walls than that prior to the change have all of those pre-existing walls grandfathered into their free accounts.


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