SpeakPipe Adds New Landing Pages for Gathering Voice Recordings

SpeakPipe is a service that I have used and recommended for many years. It’s a service that provides you with the ability to collect voicemail messages through your blog or website. Simply create a SpeakPipe account, place their widget in your blog, and then visitors can click the widget to record and send you a voice message.

This morning I received an email from SpeakPipe in which they announced a new feature called SpeakPipe Pages. This feature lets you create a simple landing page through which people can send you voice messages. You can use the landing page even if you don’t use the widget in your blog or have a blog. You can send people directly to your SpeakPipe landing page to send you voice messages that you can then playback in your email, read a transcript, or access directly through SpeakPipe. Take a look at my new SpeakPipe page and give it a try.

Applications for Education
SpeakPipe can be a nice little addition to a school, library, or club website so that you can collect voice messages that are automatically transcribed for reading. You can also use it to simply create your own MP3 recordings that you download and distribute through your blog or website.


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