Google Sites Has a New Design Component

The “new” version of Google Sites (it has been out for two years) has a new design component that you can use to make navigation of your site a little bit easier for visitors.

As Google announced yesterday, you can now add buttons to the pages of your sites made on Google Sites. Buttons are small, highlighted or colored areas intended to make links stand out from the rest of the text on a page. You will find buttons in the insert menu in the Google Sites page editor.

Applications for Education
When used sparingly, buttons on the pages of your Google Sites could make it a little bit easier for your students to and or their parents to find the most important information on the pages.

If you have not made the switch to new Google Sites from the old version of Google Sites, you will want to do so sooner than later. Watch this video to learn how to migrate a site from the old version of Google Sites to the new version of Google Sites.


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