Anchor Adds New Ways to Craft Podcasts

In the last year has become my go-to recommendation for easily creating podcasts with students. The web version of lets you record, edit, and publish podcasts in a matter of minutes. The Anchor mobile apps are even easier to use.

This week Anchor added a couple of new features to their free iOS and Android apps. In addition to recording and publishing, the apps now let you trim the beginning and end of your recording, split your recordings, name segments of recordings, and flag recording segments. Naming and flagging recording segments can make it easier to edit your podcast because you’ll be able to easily jump to a flagged segment rather than having to play through your recording to find the segment you need to edit.

Applications for Education
If you have ever wanted to create podcasts with your students, but you got discouraged by the thought of dealing with technical complexity of publishing the podcasts, is the tool for you. I’ve never found an easier way to create a podcast than to use Anchor. Click here for ten ideas for classroom podcasts students can produce through Anchor.


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