A Distraction-free Way to Search and Watch YouTube

The new school year will be here soon and I haven’t taken a break all summer. I’m taking a short break from the Internet to go fishing at one of my favorite places in the world, Kennebago Lake. I’ll be back with new posts on Saturday. While I’m gone I’ll be republishing some of the most popular posts of the year so far. 

Tube is a free tool that provides a minimalist view of YouTube. When you go to Tube all you will see is “Tube,” a disclaimer, a link to the developer’s Twitter account, and a search box. Enter your search terms into the Tube search box and a list of results appears below it without showing any advertising or other sidebar content. When you click one of the videos in the search results it is displayed nearly full-screen on a plain white background.

Applications for Education
If you have ever wanted to show a YouTube video in your classroom but got discouraged by “related” videos or advertisements in the sidebar, Tube is a tool that you should try. Tube won’t remove advertisements that are played within the video itself, but it does hide everything else.

A few similar tools that I also like are Quietube, ViewPure, and Watchkin.


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