Anchor Now Has an iPad App for Easy Podcast Creation and Publication

Anchor is a free service that makes easy to record, edit, and publish your own podcasts. In fact, you can record and publish your first podcast in less than six minutes. You can use Anchor in your web browser, as an Android app, as an iPhone app, and now as an iPad app.

Yesterday, Anchor released a new iPad-specific app for recording and publishing your own podcasts. Anchor’s iPad app lets you record, edit, and publish your recordings from one convenient place. If you’re just getting started you can start by making simple spoken recordings. If you’re looking to make your podcast sound a bit more professional, you can use Anchor to import audio from multiple sources and then edit it all in Anchor. Watch the following video for an overview of the Anchor iPad app.

Podcasts that you make through Anchor can be published to iTunes and many other popular podcast listening platforms. You can also have your podcasts played through your blog. Watch the following video to learn how to embed an Anchor podcast into an Edublogs blog.

And if you’re looking for ideas for classroom podcast topics, start with this list of ten topic suggestions.


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