How to Export, Save, and Re-purpose Your Edublogs Posts

As the end of the school year approaches you might find yourself wondering what to do with all of the blogs posts your students wrote during the year. If you used Edublogs for your classroom blog, there is an easy way to export and save a copy of all of those posts.

Follow these steps to export and save a copy of all posts on an Edublogs blog:

  • Sign into your Edublogs dashboard.
  • If you have multiple sites in the same account, choose the one that you want to export. 
  • Choose the “tools” menu toward the bottom, left corner of your dashboard. 
  • Select “export” and then select the content that you wish to export.
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It’s important to note that exporting your content doesn’t delete it from your Edublogs blog. You have simply made an offline copy of the content. You can re-purpose that offline copy by uploading it to a service like Blog Booker which will turn it into a PDF suitable for printing. Blog Booker does integrate with some online printing services to enable you to create a paperback book of written blog posts. 

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