From the Catbird Seat – A Poetry Podcast

Just in time for the end of National Poetry Month the Library of Congress has launched a new podcast series about poetry. The podcast is called From the Catbird Seat. The podcast will feature conversations with Rob Casper and Anne Holmes from the Poetry and Literature Center at the LOC. In the first eight episodes they’ll be highlighting the work of Poet Laureates of the last five years. In the first episode they’re joined by the current Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith. You can find the first episode right here or play the recording as embedded below.

Applications for Education

The vast majority of students aren’t going to listen to this podcast in its entirety. However, you might find some good pieces of information to share with your students as conversation starters or pointers that students might use to improve their own poetry.

On a related note, the Library of Congress recently hosted a livestream with Tracy K. Smith to talk about the poetry in the age of technology. You can find the recording of that livestream right here.


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