The Microphones I Use for Video and Audio Recordings

After my recent posts about creating classroom podcasts I’ve answer a bunch of emails and Tweets from readers who were looking for suggestions on microphones to use. There are two microphones that I have used for years and continue to recommend. I use a Snowball iCE microphone and an Insignia omnidirectional lapel microphone (disclosure: affiliate links).

The Snowball iCE microphone made by Blue Designs is the microphone that I have used for years to record on my Mac, Windows, and Chromebook computers. It’s very easy to use the Snowball iCE just plug it in and it works. I have two of them, one of which I bring to workshops just to let people see how easy it is to plug in and use. The Snowball iCE has an MSRP of $49.99

The Insignia omnidirectional lapel microphone is the one that I use when I am recording on my phone or on my DSLR camera. Like the Snowball iCE the Insignia omnidirectional mic is easy to use. Just plug it into your phone or camera and switch it on. The prices for this microphone vary quite a bit from retailer to retailer. I’ve seen it as low as $49 and as high as $74.

Disclosure: the product links in this blog post are affiliate links which mean that I’ll make a small commission if you purchase either product. Using the links doesn’t affect the price you pay. And I only link to products that I have actually purchased myself. 


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